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Elisabeth Nicollier

L'Etivaz where I cook the plants fibers.

Warm welcome to everyone comming to this site...


Very happy to see you here being interested in Vegetal Paper.

This is my passion and my work. I have been working on paper since 2014 making my way to being able to share my passion and create objects of decoration as pictures, lamps and more,  useful articles as cards - envelops and books and also promote my own creations.

If you wish to see my work do not hesitate to go to the page "Bienvenue" and look through. If something is still available  for you to possess, you can send me an email.

I work ensentially with plants fibers which I gather in nature and which then I treat  and cook in a special mixture to get a pulp not quite ready to be formed into paper. There are still a lot of preparation afterwards to get a nice pulp ready to be transformed into sheets of paper. This way of making paper is based on a very ancient technique.

You are very welcome to take a workshop during two days here in Château d'Oex or at L'Etivaz where I live surrounded by nature.  If you wish more details on dates and fees check the page "Stages et Dates" and you will find what you need.

Otherwise you can contact me on the page "contact" and send me an email I would be more than happy to give you more details.

Take some time to go over the pages of this site as you would flip over the pages of a book.

I wish you will take yourself to another world of creation and passion.

Enjoy and thank you for being here

Do not hesitate to live a comment and share this site if you feel like it.

See you soon!



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